Events in Rome: Original ideas to spend New Year's Eve in Rome

New Year’s Eve in Rome: how?
If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in Rome, planning the day is not enough: you have to demonstrate your artistic skills. If you want to visit Rome to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve, we suggest you to read this short guide suggesting you the best ideas for a one-of-a-kind New Year’s Eve in Rome. In addition to discover the ancient story of this city, you will be able to enjoy yourself and admire the wonderful historical and artistic buildings of the city centre: Rome is an open air museum.
On December 31st, you will actually have several events you could take part to; despite of what you do, you can be sure you will leave a night full of life, perfume, colours, fireworks, and sound in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. You will discover Rome is the best place to celebrate the new year, with your partner or your friends.

New Year's Eve in Rome
As it happens in all the most important Italian cities, also in Rome many celebrations take place. Rome is already planning 24 hours of celebration to welcome to 2019: it will offer you dances, music, live shows, and any kind of celebrations in all the locations available from December 21st. The light shows will take place at the Circo Massimo. However, if you want to experience something different, you can choose a quiet proposal. Cinema marathons will take place for those who love concerts and movies, together with the new year special show for children.

Theatre for New Year’s Eve
The Roman theatres or shows all over the year, especially on December the 31st: you can enjoy wonderful performances. An example is the musical "Mamma Mia", perfect for those who love theatre and music together. Joy and happiness, but also much more, because the offer is really rich and it includes many classical works. What you have to do is just to choose the show you prefer, to spend a magic and original night. You will feel a great mix of emotions, as the Roman theatre tradition actually is a very ancient lifestyle.

New year's Eve and music
Every year, on New Year’s Eve, Rome hosts a music festival: mind-boggling amusement, good alcoholic drinks and music to colour the eternal night in an eternal city. It is not a secret during this night several important DJs play music for just one purpose: enjoy themselves and their audience. So why don't you start your celebrations?
You can do it dancing until the day after, and if you want to listen to some live music different from house and disco music... well, you have a very wide offer, as several concerts will take place all around the city.

The New Year's Eve in Rome: the Capital of good food
If you do not want to give up tasting Roman food waiting for midnight, you just have to go to a typical Roman restaurant, where to taste one-of-a-kind dishes. Roman chefs always try to astonish their guests, by dishes characterized by imagination and taste. And, of course, at midnight the top of the pops can't miss: lentils and cotechino. You can choose both the traditional and the alternative version. In addition to all this offer, there are also some dishes you can taste only on New Year’s Eve .

New Year's Eve: Rome by Night
If you are tired of the usual New Year’s Eve in Rome, you can discover the Eternal City taking advantage of a night tour of the city. Throughout the city, several tours take place to let you discover the history of this wonderful city and of each of its streets. If you love the historical aspect of the city, for example, you can visit some historical buildings, discovering the peculiarities of each one of them.
And if you want to make the Roman New Year’s Eve more colourful, you can travel around the city by Segway. In this way, you will have a wider overview of the city and about a fun facts. In addition to the traditional tours, you will have the opportunity to discover the hidden aspects of the city: it is an experience that could be appreciated by those who love stories about ghosts, mysteries, love, secrets, and so on.

The traditional dive in the Tiber
Whatever you do on Christmas Eve in Rome, don't forget every year the traditional dive in the Tiber takes place on January 1st. It is a 50 years long tradition. The group is led by Maurizio Palmulli, who seems to really love the cold water of the river. If you want to make this experience - but it is important you can swim very well - the appointment is at Ponte Cavour, on January 1st. We suggest you to bring your towel with you and be ready for the icy water of the river crossing the Eternal City. At the beginning the icy water will make you suffering from the head to the feet and you will feel a very strange sensation, but he certainly deserves to be experienced once in life.

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