Discover Rome: The most romantic views and places to spend Valentine's Day in Rome

Are you looking for the right city to spend an original Valentine's Day? Are you looking for breathtaking backgrounds and unusual romantic atmospheres? The Eternal City could be the best choice for your elopement. Rome is the perfect combination of breathtaking views, romanticism and intimacy. And it's thanks to its indisputable beauty and millennial charm it is so one-of-a-kind. What to do and what to see in Rome on the most fictional day of love?

A walk across history
Do you like walking? The combination of history and trekking doesn't scare you? The walking tour around the most famous beauties of Rome begins in Piazza Venezia, one of the most famous Roman squares, at the foot of the Campidoglio. In the centre of the square, there is the famous "Altare della Patria" - according to a recent survey, it is one of the most visited attractions by tourists - , where five of the most important roads meet: Via dei Fori Imperiali, Via del Corso, the axis via C. Battisti-Via Nazionale, the axis of Via del Plebiscito-Corso Vittorio and Via del Teatro di Marcello. From Via dei Fori Imperiali - name taken by the remains of the ancient Roman Forums along the street -, one of the most modern streets in Rome, you can reach the Colosseum.
It is the attraction par excellence of the capital, a Roman amphitheatre built in eight years, begun in 72 A.D. Its first name was "Flavian Amphitheatre" then replaced by "Colosseum" even if its origin is not well-known. We suggest you to go there by day, as tours are available only in the morning and in the afternoon, in the winter. In the evening, it could be the perfect place to ask your beloved to get married. From the Colosseum, proceeding on the right, you can reach the Trajan Park and the Colle Oppio Park, two archaeological sites located in the Monti district. In the park you can admire the ruins of the Thermal Baths of Trajan.
Going on Via Labicana, you will find Piazza San Clemente, where the homonymous basilica is located, where you can visit the excavations below. From there, you can easily reach the Basilica of Santi Quattro Coronati, Villa Celimontana - even if February is not the ideal month to enjoy its beauties - , San Giovanni, San Paolo and Case Romane del Celio. If you can resist a little more, Santo Stefano Rotondo is very close. We suggest you to complete the tour, as it would be a pity not to see the frescoes.

Are you tired of museums and historical attractions?
For shopping lovers, Rome offers an interesting alternative. Via del Corso, Via dei Condotti, Via Frattina, Via Margutta and Piazza di Spagna are easily reachable from different points in Rome. Here, you will find the most exclusive shops. Why don't you take a short break from history by buying something for your beloved?

Where to swear eternal love in Rome in the evening?
The Eternal City offers a large number of attractions that can be visited during the day. In the evening, they become the perfect background to swear eternal love each other. And... how about doing it on Valentine's Day? Departing from Piazza Venezia, in a few minutes by feet, you get to the Pantheon, an ancient Roman building dating back to the 27 B.C.. The attraction appears as a temple - you can see Corinthian columns at the entrance - dedicated to all the divinities. Not only the building is very beautiful: also the fountain in the square is really worthy. A few minutes from there, the beautiful Baroque Piazza Navona appears. A lot of time ago, in that exact point, there was the ancient Stadium of Domitian: today, we can recognise only its shape.

Why don't you go on till the Tiber?
Have a walk along the river in the evening: Ponte Sant'Angelo and the homonymous castle will move you to another era. It would be nice to finish the tour visiting Piazza di Spagna and the famous Trevi fountain. Piazza di Spagna took its name by the palace of the Spanish embassy located in the Vatican, but it was originally called Piazza di Francia. What you should surely see and appreciate in this square are the steps of Trinità dei Monti and the Barcaccia, the most famous fountain by Bernini. Last but not least, here you are Trevi Fountain, certainly one of the most romantic places in Rome. It is the best known and largest Roman fountain. His fame mainly comes from the movie "La Dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini: Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg kiss each other inside the fountain.
An ancient legend links the Trevi Fountain to the tradition of the coin, but its origin is unknown: it is said if you throw the coin back to the fountain, keeping your eyes closed, you will see Rome again. No tourists miss this occasion. Remember it is strictly forbidden to collect coins and take a bath. In addition, since about one year, the entrance to the fountain has been limited to a few people per time for security reasons.
Before leaving Rome, you could visit some of its most beautiful bridges. Among them, Ponte Milvo has become very famous by the movie "Ho voglia di te" from the homonymous book. We are talking about the bridge where Step - Riccardo Scamarcio - and Gin - Laura Chiatti - swore eternal love each other, fixing a lock on the lamp and throwing its key in the river. If you can, pop in there. You may feel in the mood for vows or promises.

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