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Cosmopolita Hotel Rome
Tapestry Collection by Hilton

General Info

Welcome and thank you for choosing us for your holiday in Rome.
From the moment you step through the door of the Cosmopolita Hotel, you enter a piece of Roman history and hospitality.
The building you are in was built in 1881 and, after only a few years, it immediately became a place for overnight guests.
The Cosmopolita, in fact, is the successor of what was once called the Hotel Nazionale operating since the early 1900s, proving that our building has been synonymous with hospitality for more than 100 years.
Now, with the backing of Hilton brand, the history of this hotel will be projected into the future. We are happy that you, too, will be a part of this beautiful adventure in the eternal city.

The Cosmopolita Hotel has always been committed to trying to reduce its environmental impact.
We use 100% energy from renewable sources.
For years, we have been on a 'paperless' path that has led us to reduce the amount of paper used in our offices by 90%.
Our air conditioning and heating system is setup to guarantee an ideal temperature throughout the building, avoiding unnecessary energy waste.
The lighting in the rooms and all common parts of the hotel is provided by LED bulbs.
Every water tap is equipped with a water-saving filter.
You can help us in this goal by taking small measures.
When you go out to enjoy the wonders of Rome, please avoid leaving the lights or air conditioners on. This will make a big contribution toward energy-saving and creating an environmentally friendly hotel.
Using towels or sheets for several days without asking for new ones is another way that many guests choose to help reduce energy waste from washing laundry.
While our policy is to change your linens every day, you can ask the front desk to modify the linen-washing schedule to every other or every third day, to help us move toward more sustainability.

Our Wi-Fi system was recently renovated to meet the highest standards of security and speed.
Please connect your device to the network Hilton Honors.

Start your day with a pleasant and satisfying breakfast while admiring a beautiful Roman panorama.
Our terrace at the 5th floor awaits you from 07AM to 10.30AM to bid you good morning. (Check with reception if breakfast is included in your room rate)
Breakfast is free for children under 5 years, over 5 years the full price is charged.
The breakfast buffet is at your disposal, but it is forbidden to take food and drinks out of the breakfast room.

Standard check-out is at 11 a.m. Late check-out is subject to hotel availability and may be subject to a surcharge. If you need to leave your luggage after check-out, you may do so at reception, free of charge.

The cost of the CITY TAX is € 7.50 per person, per day (children Under 10 years of age are free). The city tax must be paid at the time of check-out.

There is a 24-hour ATM in the lobby.

Laundry bags and ticket forms are available in your room.
Same-day service is available from Mon – Sat only. The laundry bag and completed ticket form must be dropped at the reception desk by 11am for same-day service. Laundry will be returned between 8 - 10 PM. Laundry service is not available on Sunday.

The reception desk is at your disposal to organize tours of the Colosseum, Vatican, Pompeii, Florence, etc. If you want to use the famous hop-on-hop-off bus, you will find tickets at the reception desk.

If you need to go to the airport or to the port of Civitavecchia, we are happy to inform you that we can organize your transfer.
Call down or stop by the reception desk to set up your private car service.

We would like to thank and congratulate you for choosing our hotel. As you will see during your stay, you are in the best possible location for visiting Rome on foot.
However, should you wish to use public transport, reception is at your disposal to show you the bus or metro lines.
If you need a taxi to get around the city, reception will be happy to help you.
If you are out and about you can call 063570 or download the ITtaxi app to easily call a taxi.

To call reception, dial 9. For access to an outside line, dial 0. For international calls, dial 00 then the country code of the country you wish to call.

Safety Section

This is a SMOKE and VAPING-FREE hotel. Guests are not permitted to smoke or vape anywhere inside the hotel, including guest rooms. Guests who disregard this policy will be charged a minimum room recovery fee of €200 to restore the room to a smoke-free condition. Thank you for your cooperation.

Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the closest emergency exit. A detailed emergency exit map is located on the inside of your room door. In the event of a fire, do not use the elevators.
Our team members are trained at the fire station, so in case of a fire we know what to do and will direct you appropriately. However, if you have any questions, just call the reception and follow the given instructions.
Help Prevent a Fire:
• Do not smoke in bed (or anywhere in the hotel)
• Do not throw combustible items into the wastepaper baskets
• Disconnect any personal electrical appliances after use
• Switch off your television set and lights before leaving your room or going to sleep
• Do not burn items in your room

If you need some peace and quiet, use the "do not disturb" button.
With "do not disturb" active, the housekeeping service will not be performed.
We understand your need for privacy. However, in the case of suspicious activity or to ensure the safety of our guests, the hotel reserves the right to visually inspect all guest rooms every 24 hours to confirm the well-being of our guests and the condition of the room.

An electronic key card system ensures your safety. Each room has a uniquely programmed key card, which is changed and re-programmed with every new check-in.
As keys do not show room numbers, please retain your key cardholder until you check out.
If your key is misplaced, please inform the front desk immediately, so that a replacement key can be programmed.

To protect your valuables, each room is equipped with a safe. The service is free of charge.
The hotel is not responsible for valuables or cash missing from guest rooms.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment, and any acts or of threats of violence.
In keeping with this, Hilton has adopted a “zero tolerance" policy for actual or threatened violence against guests, employees, vendors, tenants or visitor, by any individual on the hotel premises.

The windows in your rooms can only open a few centimetres because to comply with Hilton safety standards we had to apply window locks