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Events in Rome: One of the favourite festivals of Roman people, the Epiphany

The Epiphany in Rome is a very important occasion to spend time with other people. In addition to it, it has a very long tradition dating back to the 19th century, characterized by any kind of event celebrating it still nowadays. This period of the year is an occasion to discover Rome and it's beauty. Here you are the events you can't miss.

Despite it is a festivity celebrated all over the county, it is different in any region. In Rome, its origins date back to the 19th century, when the tradition of celebrating this day took place in Piazza Sant'Eustachio. The Roman people used to meet and celebrate this day in a very chaotic way. The protagonists obviously were the children, but the adults loved to spend their time surrounded by the stands selling presents and sweets.
The great attraction of the festivity wear the enormous puppets representing the Befana as an old woman with an ugly nose. After the Unity of Italy, the celebrations were moved to the beautiful Piazza Navona, as at the time it was the place where the district market used to take place. There already was the big triton by Bernini, so the fountain became the symbol of the celebrations. On January 6th, there were many stands selling many kinds of products. Despite the celebration changed its location, it the hasn't lost its enjoying an amusing character.

The current location where the epiphany is celebrated still is Pizza Navona, where tourists and Roman citizens meet, to wait for the old woman flying on a broom, bringing presents to give children and charcoal to the bad ones.
Since the beginning of the day, on January 6th, the stands fill the square. All the people wait for the parade of the most important characters of the legend connected to the epiphany. The best moment of the celebration is when the old woman arrives in the middle of the square, on her broom, starting the celebrations. The event in Piazza Navona is totally free and is opened to everybody. During the most important moments of the celebration, you obviously risk to find a big crowd but the joy you can breathe in the square really deserves to be experiencing, to buy something beautiful and sweet.

As it is a very important event every year, several legends have been told by the years. One of most ancient is the one about "er pupo" - Jesus Christ, the baby -, protagonist of the wonderful Presepio exposed in the Basilica of Ara Coeli, on the top of the Campidoglio. The statue of Jesus Christ used to indicate whether it was possible to realise a grace: when the petitioner had no hopes to be satisfied, the lips of the statue used to become pale, but if the miracle was possible they got pink. The statue was then stolen, and nobody has heard anything about it.
The theft took place during the feast of the Epiphany when they used to bring it all around the city. Another legend is connected to the ancient Rome. In the ancient times, the cult of goddess Diana was very famous, and 10 days after the Sol Invictus night - so on January the 6th night - she used to walk around the field to share her benediction and the fruits of the farmers. By the time, Christianity moved this celebration into the arrival of the Three Wise Men, bringing their presents to the little child, on the 6th. The habit of imagining an old and ugly woman bringing the presents to the children, probably remembers the image of Diana, because she was a goddess but also terrible witch, able to give a words to good people, but to punish unbelievers.

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