Stay in Rome: Wi-Fi in hotel, the essential for a stress free stay

After a long period of work and family responsibilities, it is important to be able to enjoy unique moments for yourself and your beloved. The daily routine is often characterised by constant and tiring rhythms, a continuous race chasing goals and deadlines. After several months, absorbed by the routine, you need to stop and to enjoy a few days to unwind, a really essential priority. Physical and psychological stress accumulated during the year must somehow be discharged, and the only way to recharge positive energy and good intentions undoubtedly is a wonderful holiday. When you talk about a stay, you often think about far and exotic tourist destinations, known for their beaches and the crystalline sea, than for other attractions, but our country is rich in one-of-a-kind cultural and artistic attractions. It is not necessary to reach the other part of the planet for living an unforgettable stay; Rome is a fabulous city, a perfect mix between past and present, with its historical monuments and its eternal buildings, together with contemporary and modern attractions.

The ingredients for a no-stress stay
The concept of “vacation” is very complex, some people actually associate it to total relax, days for resting and slowing down the everyday rhythms, dedicating themselves to particularly interesting activities: sport, cooking, sea and beach.
The greatest part of the travellers sets up their holidays like an extraordinary occasion to explore interesting and new places, like museums, churches and monuments. Rome is a city able to fully meet the needs and expectations of everybody. The key for a successful holiday is to choose the right destination, a place full of heterogeneous and engaging places, for a right stay for family and personal needs. Choosing to spend time in the Caput Mundi city, you will discover something new and complete, and, walking on the cobblestones, you will observe a gorgeous, evocative and extremely fascinating Rome.

The treasures you can't miss
The undisputed symbol of the Roman city is the Colosseum, the Roman amphitheatre and the largest one worldwide, which has preserved its majestic charm, for thousands of years now. Throughout the territory, there are several interesting evidences of the glorious Roman Empire: the Fori Romani, the Pantheon, the Domus Aurea, and much more. But the cultural richness of Rome consists in a wide range of attractive sites, such as the numerous fountains, including the Trevi Fountain, symbol of the "Dolce vita", the Barcaccia fountain in Piazza di Spagna, and the fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona.
Rome continues to amaze its visitors thanks to the numerous parks and villas throughout the territory. Large green areas, where you can walk or cycle between gardens and lakes. You will discover an unusual and unexpected Rome with unforgettable moments to live in contact with the flora and fauna, immersed in a world clean and genuine.

A city to be discovered and experienced.
Rome is not just art and culture, but it is also life and folklore. Observing the city from the splendid terrace of the Gianicolo, it is easy to realize next to the imposing historic buildings, flats and palaces where the common people living there preserve the unique and ancient traditions. To know the Roman soul, you definitely have to go to one of the several local markets, such as the famous Porta Portese market or the Via Sannio market.
Along the various markets, you will immediately feel the distinct sensation of being in contact with a true and fair civilization, maintaining its distinctive features despite the mixture with different ethnic groups, living within the city, from several years. An exploration and regenerating holiday can also be tasted at the table; so don't hesitate, come into one of the numerous restaurants and taverns of Rome and enjoy the true Roman essence: Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Rigatoni with Pajata, Coda alla vaccinara, lamb chops and the unmissable Pasta all'Amatriciana.

Modern Rome
Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Via Frattina and Via Margutta are the most famous streets symbolizing high fashion in Rome. Famous labels all over the world have chosen these areas to set up their precious boutiques.
A display of beauty and glamour comes out from the elegant windows of the fascinating Roman streets. If you want a soft holiday, it is good to always stay tuned on the internet, and the reason is simple: you can plan your daily excursions, book restaurants and buy tickets for museums or events. But not only that, you can share on the social networks your adventure, and capture the best moments. Checking your e-mail and home automation technology will allow you to safely control your home.

The key for a stress-free holiday
To spend a quiet and engaging stay, you need to stay in a hotel located in a strategic position, in the city centre, so you will have the opportunity to move on foot or through the efficient public transport, such as underground and buses, that connect all the points of greatest interest in the capital, in a capillary manner. An wonderful framework where to spend a delightful holiday is the Hotel Cosmopolita, set up inside the fascinating ancient residence of Palazzo del Grillo.
The rooms are equipped with no-allergenic furnishings, perfect to receive children and people suffering particular allergies. The hotel is situated in the historical centre, near the Colosseum, the Fori Imperiali and the underground stations. The hotel building offers a pleasant terrace to the guests, to enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the city. For always being connected, a Wi-Fi service in all the common areas of the structure is provided, a great occasion to plan personalized excursions and visits.

Do you want to stay in Rome?

For this location we recommend Hotel Cosmopolita, ideal for discovering Rome thanks to its strategic position.

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